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There are NO ORDER MINIMUMS in our web store program and there is NO OUT OF POCKET SET UP FEE. We just ask that you promote your store as much as possible throughout the length of the campaign. PRODUCTS: You'll get 12-1 5 products on your web store. This quantity makes for the perfect balance to maximize your experience and increase sales! A product + it's color + it's design featured = 1 product. Be sure to visit our recommended web store products page to view items that are proven sellers, in-stock/ready to ship, and of the hottest trends. Pricing: Each product has it's own set price with your profit already built in! OUR WEB STORE SPECIALIST TEAM WILL CURATE AN INITIAL PRODUCT LAYOUT FOR YOU. From there, you can finalize your store with any changes that you'd like to see. Don't worry, your store won't launch until it's got your final stamp of approval! This allows us to take even more work off of you! Our team is extremely experienced in the science of apparel fundraising and will provide you with first class product selection and service! We handle EVERYTHING including: • Customer service • Order payment/processing • Product embellishment • DIRECT SHIPMENT TO EACH CUSTOMER This means you won't have to deal with questions from parents, track down any money, tally any orders, or pass any orders out! Your only job is to promote the store and receive a profit check at the end of the campaign.


All web stores feature a 7 day campaign length, unless they launch on a Friday in which they are 9 days. After years of campaign length experimenting, we've discovered this time frame to be the most optimal for a successful web store. This campaign length produces higher sales numbers than when we attempted 2 week long campaigns and even month long campaigns! All orders are produced AFTER the store closes. With a 7 day campaign, customers will not have to wait as long to receive their order like they do with our competitors. This campaign length adds a sense of urgency and "limited edition" feel to the products on the web store. With proper promotion, your customers will be aware and ready to get their orders in! LATE ORDERS: Absolutely NO orders are accepted after the store closes. All orders are produced at the same time and sent into the next phase immediately when the store closes. It would not be fair to the customers who ordered while the store was open to delay their orders to add late orders.


All orders are custom made to order and are not stocked, therefore we cannot accept returns or exchanges. However, we want your customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase. If an order is missized or has a defect, we will accept a return or exchange within 30 day of receipt. Customers can contact our customer service team to resolve any return or exchange matters. SHIPPING: All web stores feature one direct shipment option. There is a flat $5.00 shipping fee per order and all orders over $50.00 receive FREE SHIPPING. We don't want you to go through the nightmare of receiving all of the orders in a big box, setting up a pick up time, sorting orders and handing them out. Our direct shipment service allows us to provide first class customer service. Tracking information is sent to each customer immediately when their order ships. If someone has a question about their order, they can contact our customer service team.


All orders typically ship out within 14 days after the store closes. Our fulfillment team consistently strives to beat this delivery time!


Unlike most apparel web store programs, we'll send out your profit check IMMEDIATELY after your store closes! We just need the following information before the store launches: 1 . Who we are making the check payable to 2. The Tax. I.D. # ofwhom we're making the check payable to (if it's an individual, their social security number). 3. An address to send the check. We don't want you to wait around for your earnings! These are funds that you could use for THIS season! Here's how our profit structure works: • Sales between $0-$500 = no commission • Sales between $500-$4,000 = 20% commission • Sales above $5,000 = 25% commission


Quickly and easily create a catalog of products you're proud of, that will generate quick funds for your organization or team!
Contact Us
Contact Us
Use the form on the CONTACT page to tell us your organization's general information so we have a overview of what you're looking for.
Discussion & Planning
Discussion & Planning
One of our expert designers will then discuss more in depth with you about your organization's goals and plan.
Design Process
Design Process
Your designer will help you create products that fit your organization's needs. A web-store will be created, but nothing will be released until you are 100% satisfied with all the products.
Once you've approved all the designs, the web-store is released to the public. All you have to do at this point is promote a link to the web-store. All orders, customer service and shipping is taken care of by Apex Ink!